• a f t e r m a + h

    Aftermath is a social cross-media project to impact Haiti, especially social justice issues concerning water.

    We are making a film on Haiti at the moment and planning to do a reforestation project in Haiti as an action unit. Contact us if you want to be a part of film making or reforestation project in Haiti.

  • h a i t i

    The annual hurricanes that pass through its country let the world know about Haiti. What the world saw in Haiti was always an image of floods and pain.

    In 2010, we saw another, a different suffering in Haiti. A densely populated city was hit by a violent earthquake. Haiti was devastated. 230,000 lives were lost; the survivors had to desperately hang on to their lives to survive. We saw Haiti in search for water.

    In Haiti, lives were lost, but also saved through water. In October 2010, our team was off to Haiti to see and experience the situation. And we are going to take action to bring change!

  • f i l m

    The film “Aftermath” explores the crisis in Haiti. Its goal is to raise awareness and inspire more involvement.

    release date:
    length: 60 minutes
    genre: biography, adventure

  • f a c t s

    The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

    70% of Haitian population live on less than $2 a day.

    w o m e n + c h i l d r e n

    55% school aged children don’t attend school.

    225,000 children in domestic service or other form of servitude which can be considered as a modern-day slavery.

    Fetching water is mostly women’s and children’s role in Haiti. They walk about 10-30 minutes per trip with a 20 kg (40 lbs) bucket full of water.

    w a t e r +s a n i t a t i o n

    42% of Haitian population have no access to clean water.

    One of the many consequences of unclean water and poor sanitation is illness and disease. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all sickness and diseases.

    The earthquake has worsened Haiti’s water situation by destroying pipelines and tanks and collapsing houses and toilet facilities.

    c l i m a t e c h a n g e

    Throughout its history, Haiti has suffered cyclones, hurricanes, tropical storms, torrential rains, floods, and earthquakes.

    2004, Hurricane Jeanne caused flood that killed over 30,000 people.

    2008, Hurricane Fay, Gustav, Hanna, Ike – 793 people died. More than 20,000 houses were destroyed. 8% of Haiti’s total population was affected.

    98% of Haiti’s forest is gone – deforestation.