We’re a bridge-builder bringing changes worldview by raising awareness and inspiring involvement in social issues concerning water.


We’re bringing integrity in relationship to connect with people. We believe, we can bring changes by working together. We want to see working with countless individuals and organisations with different talents.

#diverse-in-unity #together


We’re engaging in the society by create an inspiring media. We’ll speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and help them get justice.

#voice-for-the-voiceless #speakup #creativity #proverbs-31:8-9



Tim SolWoong Kim

Founder + Creative Director
Tim began a journey with Pursuit of Water in 2009. He has a passion for media and justice. He is now studying mass communication at University of the Nations.

Jonathan Ziehli

Public Relations Director
Jonathan, a.k.a. Joe is very relational and very knowledgeable person. He is now studying international relations at University of Geneva.

Claire de Toth

Africa Project Manager
Claire has been to 60+ countries in the world. She loves adventure and serving people in need.

Raphael Tanner

Brain Trust

Lisa Kelly
Jeff Rogers
David Zetland


Water For Life
Loom International
Serving Friends International
Youth With A Mission

Photo credit: David Perez @flickr