Yes, We can

We are working in various nations to bring a sustainable change. We’ve been working in Haiti, Togo, Rwanda and Kosovo.


Aftermath is our film project to impact Haiti after the earthquake in January 2010. We completed this 30 minute film (docu-drama) in 2013 to raise awareness.

Kosovo PSA Project

We’re planning a project for later this year, to create a public service announcement to bring a perspective on the pollution of surface water source (such as rivers) in Kosovo.

Toilet Project, Togo

“Toilets for better health, education and life.” We had the privilege to install toilet with six latrines in a rural school in Togo. We raised 5,500 swiss franc with a team from Burtigny, which travelled to Togo to help the local partner build the latrines.

Completed Project

Water For School, Rwanda

Give kids a chance for education and drinkable water.


We love to connect with people to inspire them and also to learn from them.

Geneva Justice Talk

Coming soon.

Photo: Kevin Dooley @flickr